Limitization – 3 free Limiter Devices for Ableton Live 9

Francis Preve ( ) posted something which inspired me to make Glue Compressor- and Saturator- based limiter device presets using their clipper functions. I went ahead and made them as one-knob fx as there weren’t too many parameters to deal with. I also decided to make a device similar to the performodule “hybrid” compressors which can be used to compare between the 3 limiter possibilities (calibrated with matching settings) in one device rack, which is a real time-saver. That one also has control over fine-tuning parameters for fully robust usage.

How to use: place one of these devices as the final device on a master track for a final master. Turn up the “push” knob to the desired setting (maximum is +9db). Try to boost it while avoiding any unpleasant distortion. The final output will not exceed 0db.
I would describe the GluLimiter as rich, the SatuLimiter as meaty, and Ableton’s Limiter as straightforward.
For the Try Limiter: Set the push knob as above. Try the 3 limiter choices and decide which one fits the piece most appropriately. Try different settings for attack and release (including auto-release if desired), and you can set the final output from -.5 to -.2 db. One workflow method is to turn push all the way up so the effect is extreme, set attack and release where they feel the most natural and dynamic, and then turn push back down to the ideal value. Then choose the limiter type that has the favorite character at those settings.
(turning the “chooz” knob during playback can cause an unwanted temporary peak. If that happens hit “shift-spacebar” twice to reset your peak meters)

Get the single-knob GluLimiter:

Get the single-knob SatuLimiter:

Get the triple-auditioning Try Limiter:

Performodule Fx



The Uno Plus Series: 33 single-knob FX racks for Ableton Live 9.

33 varied and wonderful 1-knob fx.

What comes with the Uno Plus Series:

“Tasty Grit” ~ 3  carefully calibrated racks to add different types of flavorful dirt & chunk, from gentle & ear-pleasing to the neighbor banging on the wall begging you to please stop.
_Cramp*: Feel your muscles tightening? Add a final touch of warmth, chunk and sizzle to an audio part, group or a full mix with this soft-clipping saturation / compression combo.
_Gramp*: Amp & distortion channel to add “smack” to audio. You whippersnappers better get off my lawn!
_Tramp*: Nasty Amp & distortion channel which devastates sound. Trashy, sleazy, slutty; lets it all out.

“Wobification” ~ 4 devices for adding wobble to any audio source, ranging from liquidy smooth to uber naughty. Each device has a different overall character and behaviour as you twist its knob.
They also have a dry / wet macro knob, but we’ll still count them as 1-knob fx just because.
(the first version of this was developed to be able to play “dubstep acoustic guitar” live. Fun stuff.)
_Wobify: Smoooth Sine wobble.
_Blobify: Burbly Bleeb wobble.
_Gobify: Gritty Goblin wobble.
_Zobify*: Zappity Zam wobble.

“Wacky Creatures” ~ 16 One-Knob effect racks that create wacky & varied fantastical monster effects, calibrated for live performability. Get bestial!
[we’ll leave the descriptions to your imagination on these ones]

_Grump (1-knob version of “Groomp” from the “Super Sub Follower” at subaqueousmusic)

“Space Rhythms” ~ 4 “space” effects from the far reaches of the cosmos. Don’t forget to come back to earth eventually.
_Pantor ~ Randic syncopative delay. Whoah, man.
_Gurble ~ Gurbly delay / verb. Trippy, dude.
_SpaceOut ~ Roll Thru the clouds. Awesome sauce.
_Whaaaat ~ Weird glitchy echo. Radical, dig?

_”Directional Faders” ~ A set of 6 special mixing fader gain knobs that fade the sound in a specific direction, adding dimension.
Tip: During a section of a song when several parts fade-in or fade-out at the same time, try using a different Directional Fader on each to do the fades rather than using volume automation like you normally might (for example: have two instrument parts fade out, one fading to the left and one to the right, or have a drum clip fade in starting with the low frequencies and a percussion part from the center expanding outward to full).
_Fade Outward: <- ●● -> fades to the sides
_Fade Inward ● -><- ● fades to the center
_Fade Leftward <- ●● fades to the left
_Fade Rightward ●● -> fades to the right
_Fade Downward  ●● cuts highs as it fades
_Fade Upward / ●● / cuts lows as it fades
(‘Fade Upward’ and ‘Fade Downward’ each have ‘smooth’ & ‘resonant’ modes. Choose resonant mode for a nice enhancement to the cutoff point.)

It is assumed you own Ableton Live Standard
Effects marked * Require ownership of the “Amp” and/or “Collision” Live Packs
(or Live 9 Suite which comes with them)

As a bonus, you will also get EVERY free PerforModule One-Knob effect released prior to “Uno Plus”. That’s 44 bonus FREE racks which results in a nifty total of 77 one-knob effect racks!

PerforModule Uno effects are delicately programmed for balanced levels. You will never have any crazy runaway feedback problems or sudden painful volume bursts. They are designed so that any setting of the Single Macro has a theoretically beneficial result. Nifty information will appear on mouseover of the title bar and macros, such as the default knob position. Unless noted in their descriptions, the Uno effects will not cause any clicks or zipper noises when adjusting values in a live performance setting or with automation, nor will they cause your significant other to spontaneously admonish you (no guarantees on that last one).


Performodule Fx - Uno Series (grey)

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PerforModule – uno Freqification Series – six free Ableton Live 9 single-knob effects

Did you know that Ableton’s “Frequency Shifter” effect can be used to simulate a few different types of effects such as phaser, flanger and tremolo?

Here are 6 different effect racks each set to something different that can be achieved with the frequency shifter device, each handily set to have just a single macro control.

Freqify: Basic upwards frequency-shifting (smoothly filtered to not be crazy harsh).

FreqDrive: Push the dirt with the device’s built-in distortion. Best used in moderation.

FreqLange: A flanger effect. It’s slow and wooshy at the higher settings.

FreqOlo: A Tremolo effect. The intensity, rate, and degree of fluxuation varies as you turn the knob up.

FreqPhase: A phaser effect. Subtle at lower settings and pretty bubbly at the higher range.

FringMod: Basic ring-modulation effect, with the quirk of shifting to random frequencies.

Hear what they sound like:

Download Freqification Rack (6 freqification effects in one rack) -> CLICK HERE

[Requires Live 9]

Performodule Fx - Uno Series (grey)


PerforModule – uno Glitchification series: 9 free Ableton Live 9 single-knob glitch effects

 New PerforModule one-knobbies! GLi+tChH c-C-r>.’|)razZy_y !

These are relatively simple rhythmically-based one-knob effects, designed primarily for live performance, each based on a built-in ableton effect or two.
Individually, they are very simple and easy to understand. They are optimized to be grouped into your own more complex multi-effects to map to midi controllers, with each knob having one specific function.

Scrutch: Scratch / stretch the audio like a vinyl record — up or down.
(you may be familiar with using the “simple delay” effect set to 100% wet 0 feedback analog mode for a “dj scratch” effect. How this one differs is that the audio will be dry at either minimum (0) or maximum (127). This allows much cleaner fades of the knob, and the ability to scratch “down” from the clean at 127 setting)

Breepify: Basic random beat repeat glitch device.
(chance of glitches and randomness increase as knob goes up. At maximum, whatever pattern was “grabbed” will loop, with random variation)

Broopify: Pitch-drooping beat repeat glitch device.
(adds in pitch-dropped glitches. Frequency, amount of drop and randomness increase with higher settings)

ChopEcho: Cuts out signal and adds looping echo.
(fades out dry signal and in echo as you turn the knob up)

Flutter: Rhythmic chopping device with slow smooth sweeps or staccato fast flutters.
(unlike all other knob in this series, the default on this one is 64 (middle) rather than 0 (lowest). Turn it lower to add the slow, smooth chop. Or, turn it up to add the flitterry flutter flatter)

Pong Repeater: Beat repeater using the ping pong delay effect.
(exploiting the “freeze” function of the ping pong delay effect)

TripChop: A chopper layered with modulating rhythmic delay.
(this one is one of my favorites)

Verb Repeater: Wooshy beat repeater using the reverb effect.
(the wooshies you hear on the “glitchification demonstration” soundcloud link below are the result of this)

Chopify: Simple rhythmic chopping device.
(simple rhythmic sound-chopper that doesn’t get out of control)

Hear what they sound like:

Download Glitchification Rack (8 glitchification effects in one rack) ->

[Requires Live 9]

Performodule Fx - Uno Series (grey)


Addendum: I’d like to thank the Ableton company and “Ableton Guru” AfroDJMac both for being awesome.

Go check out AfroDJMac’s plethora of nifty gadgets here:

PerforModule – uno Modutation series: free Ableton Live 9 single-knob modulation effects

Alien Spa Treatment. Epidermal Rubberization. Metallic Wormhole. Interdimensional Dissolution. Degraded Laser Robot Wobble Voice. Earth and Space Elementals. Ghastly Vocoding.

Here is the third batch of fun treats, the uno Modutation series: eight individual free Ableton Live 9 single-knob modulation effects, each made with a different base audio effect, and calibrated to have interesting usefulness at any setting. This one was the most fun to create so far. These have been road-tested and honed over the course of various live performances.

Chorify: Alien Spa Treatment.

Earphify: Earth-Elemental Phaser.

Flangify: Metallic Wormhole.

Grainify: Interdimensional Dissolution.

Membranify: Epidermal Rubberization.

Ringify: Stretchy Crunch Filter with Laser, Wobble, & Robot textures.

Sphacify: Space-Elemental Phaser.

Voconify: Ghastly Vocoding.

Performodule Fx - Uno Series (grey)

Download Modutation Rack (all 8 modutation effects in one rack) -> LICK HERE

Download ableton pack with 8 individual effects + Modutation Rack (including a built-in lesson) -> LICK HERE

PerforModule – uno Sweemps series: free Ableton Live 9 single-knob sweep filters

Swhweeeeeeeeeeep! Beeeeeeiiiauuuueeeeeeeeuuuuuuuoooooowwwwwwwwwwwmmmmmmmmmffffff.

Here is the second batch of goodies, the uno Sweemps series: eight individual free Ableton Live 9 single-knob hi/lo filter sweep effects, each made with a different base audio effect. There are also versions which add delay, for extra pizzazz. I love using these things for live performance to do different types of epic filter sweeps.

Sweepify: Flat digital sweep.

     SweePongify: Sweepify + pong delay.

SweepFreq: Frequency-shifting sweep.

     SweepFreqGrain: SweepFreq + pitch delay.

Threepify: Flat analog sweep.

     Threetchify: Threepify + stretch delay.

Weepify: Envelope-following LFO sweep.

     WeepiFilty: Weepify + filter delay.

 Vweepify: Voco-dirt sweep.

Performodule Fx - Uno Series (grey)

Download Sweemps Rack (4 regular + 4 delayed sweep effects in one rack) -> CLICK HERE

Download .alp file with all effects + Sweemps Rack (including lesson on using the devices and saving them in your library) ->   CLICK HERE

PerforModule – uno Degratortion series: free Ableton Live 9 single-knob distortion/degradation effects

Grit, Fuzz, Chunk & Buzz!

Here is the first batch of goodies, the uno Degratortion series: eight individual free Ableton Live 9 single-knob distortion/degradation effects.

Ampify: No-brainer amp with a warm midrange adding brightness at higher settings.

Drivify: All-purpose overdrive.

Erodify: Cyborg crunch.

Reduxify: Videogame texturing.

Satufy: Smooth analog saturation.

Sinufy: Wicked digital saturation.

Tubeify: Retro signal destruction.

Vinylify: Non-obnoxious hiss & crackle.

Download .als file with all effects + Degratortion Rack (all 8 degratortion effects in one rack) -> CLICK HERE

Download the Degratortion Ableton Live Pack (which includes a lesson on saving the devices in your library) -> CLICK HERE

[Requires Live 9 Standard; please note that “Ampify” requires Live 9 Suite or ownership of the “Amp” effect. “Erodify” and “Reduxify” will work with Live 9 Intro.]

Performodule Fx - Uno Series (grey)