PerforModule – uno Sweemps series: free Ableton Live 9 single-knob sweep filters

Swhweeeeeeeeeeep! Beeeeeeiiiauuuueeeeeeeeuuuuuuuoooooowwwwwwwwwwwmmmmmmmmmffffff.

Here is the second batch of goodies, the uno Sweemps series: eight individual free Ableton Live 9 single-knob hi/lo filter sweep effects, each made with a different base audio effect. There are also versions which add delay, for extra pizzazz. I love using these things for live performance to do different types of epic filter sweeps.

Sweepify: Flat digital sweep.

     SweePongify: Sweepify + pong delay.

SweepFreq: Frequency-shifting sweep.

     SweepFreqGrain: SweepFreq + pitch delay.

Threepify: Flat analog sweep.

     Threetchify: Threepify + stretch delay.

Weepify: Envelope-following LFO sweep.

     WeepiFilty: Weepify + filter delay.

 Vweepify: Voco-dirt sweep.

Performodule Fx - Uno Series (grey)

Download Sweemps Rack (4 regular + 4 delayed sweep effects in one rack) -> CLICK HERE

Download .alp file with all effects + Sweemps Rack (including lesson on using the devices and saving them in your library) ->   CLICK HERE

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