PerforModule – uno Degratortion series: free Ableton Live 9 single-knob distortion/degradation effects

Grit, Fuzz, Chunk & Buzz!

Here is the first batch of goodies, the uno Degratortion series: eight individual free Ableton Live 9 single-knob distortion/degradation effects.

Ampify: No-brainer amp with a warm midrange adding brightness at higher settings.

Drivify: All-purpose overdrive.

Erodify: Cyborg crunch.

Reduxify: Videogame texturing.

Satufy: Smooth analog saturation.

Sinufy: Wicked digital saturation.

Tubeify: Retro signal destruction.

Vinylify: Non-obnoxious hiss & crackle.

Download .als file with all effects + Degratortion Rack (all 8 degratortion effects in one rack) -> CLICK HERE

Download the Degratortion Ableton Live Pack (which includes a lesson on saving the devices in your library) -> CLICK HERE

[Requires Live 9 Standard; please note that “Ampify” requires Live 9 Suite or ownership of the “Amp” effect. “Erodify” and “Reduxify” will work with Live 9 Intro.]

Performodule Fx - Uno Series (grey)


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