As featured on Ableton.com, PerforModule Devices are audio effects, midi effects, and instruments for Ableton Live 9. Many are set with all 8 macros pre-mapped; those with fewer knobs are meant to be used as “modules” to combine into your own custom racks made from multiple devices. All parameters are carefully plotted to avoid any odd volume spikes or other unpleasantness, and to result in useful and variant results from every possible setting.
PerforModule Devices are imagined and created by Animus Invidious.
Lots of free things are available here & in various other nifty places around the web.
Premium sale packs for Live 9 Suite are available via isotonikstudios.com > Live Packs.


About Animus Invidious

Animus Invidious is known for his mystical guitar compositions, audio production work with many artists, evolutionary dj style, and for crafting inventively practical device racks for Ableton Live.
He has a side hobby of designing games of various types (from pen-and-paper to video), at least one of which he hopes to at some point publish.

Animus Invidious took the honor of “first place – best DJ” in the Colorado Springs Independent Music Awards 2012.
He currently works on a thousand different projects including dad, audio mastering, video game and structure design, ableton live instruction, and very slowly working on his own upcoming solo album.
In the past he has also worked as a fast food manager, gas station hacky sack attendant, artistic nude photo shoot assistant, freelance guitar instructor, winemaker/server, short order cook, janitor, and steward of an art gallery where the instructions were to play the music loud.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. I run a small but active site for underground producers and such. thegzp.com, and I would like to display a little more of what you are doing here on my site. I am doing live peformances and I just nabbed almost everything you have created. I am heading down to my studio tonight to see how they work. please e-mail me.

  2. Loving the site and would like do the same as jeshl and re post lots of your great ideas. A wealth of really fresh thinking about Ableton. But I’m having problems getting lots of the .adg fx files to work and sweempy pack said “Failed reading Pack File (This is not a valid Pack.)”. Choozers rar file seemed to be password protected. I got a few working like squasify, drum dropper & GluLimiter but most didn’t such as BrainlessHybrid, Dynamify, NiftyEq etc with the message “preset cannot be loaded probably broken.” Am I doing something stupid?
    That aside Performodule is inspirational.

  3. I bought the uno plus series, but did not hit return on paypal, and I could not figure out your email address. Where should I send you the paypal receipt?

  4. Awesome site! however i couldn’t get the frequency splitter adg’s to work.. I am on a new macbook pro running ableton 9 standard? I don’t need to have suite for it to work do I?

    • All of the “Splytter” devices should work fine on Live 9 Standard except the “Dynamic Splytter” (which uses the Multiband Dynamics Ableton effect).
      “Lo-Mid-Hi Splytter” for example, should open up fine for you.

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