Dalek Voice – free Dalek Vocal Effect Rack for Ableton 8+

Dalek Voice has just 3 macro knobs:

EXTERMINATE! – The main parameter; adds that classic Dalek rasp, from 0-100%wet.

Gate – Adds a bit of gating to make noisy source material less mushy.

Single or Flanked – Determines whether facing a single Dalek or if surrounded.

Dalek Voice sounds best on mid-to-high-pitched single-voiced vocal material with a clear contour. For extra fun, set the source clip’s warp mode to “texture” and play with the “grain size” and “flux” parameters (Nifty Tip: in Live 9 you can even automate these). Of course as always feel free to experiment with adding fx to the dalek chain, either in sequence or parallel, for your own special craziness.

Both versions are identical except for the version 9’s sound quality is slightly better due to the improved EQ Eight, and the gate has a touch of hysteresis.

Download Live 8 version -> EXTERMINATE

Download Live 9 version -> EXTERMINATE


4 thoughts on “Dalek Voice – free Dalek Vocal Effect Rack for Ableton 8+

  1. I am using ableton 8.0.7….could not get your dalek file to load, says different version.
    guess I have to upgrade to a slightly newer ver, 8
    hope it’s a free upgrade, so I can run this,,,Thanks!

  2. just upgraded to 8.4.2….tried to reload file, different error,
    o.k…guess I have no choice but live 9.

    • That’s odd, the file from the “live 8” link SHOULD work, not sure why it’s not. Unfortunately i don’t have live 8 installed anymore to test it, tho others have reported it working.

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