PerforModule – uno Modutation series: free Ableton Live 9 single-knob modulation effects

Alien Spa Treatment. Epidermal Rubberization. Metallic Wormhole. Interdimensional Dissolution. Degraded Laser Robot Wobble Voice. Earth and Space Elementals. Ghastly Vocoding.

Here is the third batch of fun treats, the uno Modutation series: eight individual free Ableton Live 9 single-knob modulation effects, each made with a different base audio effect, and calibrated to have interesting usefulness at any setting. This one was the most fun to create so far. These have been road-tested and honed over the course of various live performances.

Chorify: Alien Spa Treatment.

Earphify: Earth-Elemental Phaser.

Flangify: Metallic Wormhole.

Grainify: Interdimensional Dissolution.

Membranify: Epidermal Rubberization.

Ringify: Stretchy Crunch Filter with Laser, Wobble, & Robot textures.

Sphacify: Space-Elemental Phaser.

Voconify: Ghastly Vocoding.

Performodule Fx - Uno Series (grey)

Download Modutation Rack (all 8 modutation effects in one rack) -> LICK HERE

Download ableton pack with 8 individual effects + Modutation Rack (including a built-in lesson) -> LICK HERE

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