Guitar Stringonator – free Effect Rack for Ableton 9

Guitar Stringonator

This effect rack will simulate the extra resonations of the unplayed guitar strings when strumming a guitar. It adds one extra tone per string, according to standard EADGBE tuning, with the option to layer in some higher octaves to simulate a 12-string guitar, and the ability to shift the root tone up or down to simulate a re-tuned guitar.

Download the Guitar Stringonator effect rack for Ableton 9 -> PLUCK HERE



1. Filter (which frequencies go through)

2. Decay (how long the fade is)

3. 12-String Amount (higher octave layers)

4. Width (stereo width)

5. Color (overall character. Higher settings sound more stretched-out & metallic)

6. Root Tonality (E2–E4; default = E3)

7. Bad Tuning? (perfect or slightly off-tune)

8. Dry/Wet (extremely subtle at low settings. Set to 100% if using in a return track)

Extra notes_

It’s unrealistic in the sense that all 6 tones will be added to any note, whereas when playing a guitar the string that is fingered will not be resonating at the nut, obviously. At subtle levels it can add the slight sound of unplayed strings; at higher levels it can sound a bit wacky (but that can be even more fun).

Try throwing it on a drum part and pitch it to the key of the song to add a liquid-robot-reggae dark vibe. This works especially interestingly on parts with lots of dynamics in the volume, as the resonators will come through more on the punchier hits. For even more dubbiness add some delay after it.

If you don’t want the effect to soften the original signal it is affecting at all, use it in a return track and send audio to it, rather than using it as an insert.

If using on a song in a major key, try using the relative minor chord as the root (i.e. Am if in C Major).


 PS for more Guitar-themed goodies, be sure to check out Guitaritis at Isotonik Studios.

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