Vocoverb: Reverb using Live 9’s “Vocoder” Effect.


— Cavernous Digital Sand.

Vocoverb Icon by Bird McElroy

Did you know you could make a reverb-type effect with ableton’s “vocoder” effect?

Vocoverb is a reverb effect that is made using 2 instances of ableton’s vocoder effect, providing a very unique reverb to add to your production palette.

Download the FREE Vocoverb Effect Rack for Ableton 9 -> CLICK HERE


1. Low vs High (low vocoder on the left; high on the right; blend in the middle)

2. Attack (how soon it comes in)

3 & 4. Gate Low & High (gates low or high vocoder. Set just below the point where it cuts out to only mute certain frequency bands)

5. Bottom Range (the bottom frequency range for both low & high vocoders. 0 is the widest setting)

6. Top Range (the top frequency range for both low & high vocoders. 127 is the widest setting)

7. Length (decay time)

8. Dry/Wet (overall mix. Set to maximum if using in a return track)


Extra notes_

Turning the “Lo vs Hi” knob live might cause crazy surges of vocoverb due to the nature of vocoder’s responsivity. None of the other knobs will have this problem though.

Turning “Bottom Range” and/or “Top Range” live while the “length” macro is set high causes really cool digital sweep sounds. Try it out!


Massive appreciation to Ableton for the shoutout on their site! ❤

“Vocoverb” icon image credit: Bird McElroy.

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