PerforModule – Wideification series: 13 free dimension-enhancing devices for Ableton 9

Let me just spread this a bit here……

Here is the latest batch of fun thingies, the Wideification series: a bunch of different ways to add dimension to individual parts.

Parameters are mapped with simplicity, to provide for minimal “wtf is going on here” on the part of the user. Most only have 2-3 controls.

Most of the devices in the Wideification series have a snazzy control called “mono freq”. Stereo widening will occur above this frequency, and anything below the frequency will be made mono. This is great way to avoid your bass sounding weird when doubled and keep your mix tight. The “Low Centerer” effect provides this function by itself.

Low Centerer: Set mono below a certain frequency.

Simple Widener: Separates the left and right from each other by delaying one of them. Simple. Be wary of phase issues!

Analog Tape Offset:  Simulate John Lennon’s famous “Automatic Double Tracking” with adjustable delay & flutter amount, rate and smoothness for both channels. (* Requires Max for Live — uses instances of the “Max LFO”  device from the “M4L Building Tools” pack *)

Tone Widener: Tone-boosting widener based on the filter delay effect.

Ping Widener: Friendly insect buddies.

Grain Widener: Tickly stereo separation.

Mod Widener: Alien maw gape.

Chor Widener: Watery width enhancement.

AmpCab Widener: Very subtle width enhancement coupled with added punch & brilliance.

Frequency Widener: Stereo separation by means of frequency shifting.

Pan Widener: Random side flicker.

Flange Widener: Stretchy jet widening.

Reso Widener: Resonant pitch widening (set root note to the song or section key).


Performodule Fx

Download .als file with all Wideification PerforModule effects  -> CLICK HERE

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