PerforModule – uno Glitchification series: 9 free Ableton Live 9 single-knob glitch effects

 New PerforModule one-knobbies! GLi+tChH c-C-r>.’|)razZy_y !

These are relatively simple rhythmically-based one-knob effects, designed primarily for live performance, each based on a built-in ableton effect or two.
Individually, they are very simple and easy to understand. They are optimized to be grouped into your own more complex multi-effects to map to midi controllers, with each knob having one specific function.

Scrutch: Scratch / stretch the audio like a vinyl record — up or down.
(you may be familiar with using the “simple delay” effect set to 100% wet 0 feedback analog mode for a “dj scratch” effect. How this one differs is that the audio will be dry at either minimum (0) or maximum (127). This allows much cleaner fades of the knob, and the ability to scratch “down” from the clean at 127 setting)

Breepify: Basic random beat repeat glitch device.
(chance of glitches and randomness increase as knob goes up. At maximum, whatever pattern was “grabbed” will loop, with random variation)

Broopify: Pitch-drooping beat repeat glitch device.
(adds in pitch-dropped glitches. Frequency, amount of drop and randomness increase with higher settings)

ChopEcho: Cuts out signal and adds looping echo.
(fades out dry signal and in echo as you turn the knob up)

Flutter: Rhythmic chopping device with slow smooth sweeps or staccato fast flutters.
(unlike all other knob in this series, the default on this one is 64 (middle) rather than 0 (lowest). Turn it lower to add the slow, smooth chop. Or, turn it up to add the flitterry flutter flatter)

Pong Repeater: Beat repeater using the ping pong delay effect.
(exploiting the “freeze” function of the ping pong delay effect)

TripChop: A chopper layered with modulating rhythmic delay.
(this one is one of my favorites)

Verb Repeater: Wooshy beat repeater using the reverb effect.
(the wooshies you hear on the “glitchification demonstration” soundcloud link below are the result of this)

Chopify: Simple rhythmic chopping device.
(simple rhythmic sound-chopper that doesn’t get out of control)

Hear what they sound like:

Download Glitchification Rack (8 glitchification effects in one rack) ->

[Requires Live 9]

Performodule Fx - Uno Series (grey)


Addendum: I’d like to thank the Ableton company and “Ableton Guru” AfroDJMac both for being awesome.

Go check out AfroDJMac’s plethora of nifty gadgets here:

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