PerforModule – uno Freqification Series – six free Ableton Live 9 single-knob effects

Did you know that Ableton’s “Frequency Shifter” effect can be used to simulate a few different types of effects such as phaser, flanger and tremolo?

Here are 6 different effect racks each set to something different that can be achieved with the frequency shifter device, each handily set to have just a single macro control.

Freqify: Basic upwards frequency-shifting (smoothly filtered to not be crazy harsh).

FreqDrive: Push the dirt with the device’s built-in distortion. Best used in moderation.

FreqLange: A flanger effect. It’s slow and wooshy at the higher settings.

FreqOlo: A Tremolo effect. The intensity, rate, and degree of fluxuation varies as you turn the knob up.

FreqPhase: A phaser effect. Subtle at lower settings and pretty bubbly at the higher range.

FringMod: Basic ring-modulation effect, with the quirk of shifting to random frequencies.

Hear what they sound like:

Download Freqification Rack (6 freqification effects in one rack) -> CLICK HERE

[Requires Live 9]

Performodule Fx - Uno Series (grey)


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