New Pack: “Subterrestrial”

PerforModule has got a new Ableton Live pack available.

What makes this one special? Well, it’s the first in a proposed series of “Binaural Textures” instrument packs, which include the unique feature of built-in binaural surround panning.

Binaural Surround Panning? What the heck is that!?

(listen to the video below on headphones to hear for yourself)

By processing the stereo source samples in specific ways using custom chains, rendering them into multiple copies, and then crossfading between those layers, a convincing sensation of physical placement of the object occurs, according to the way human ears hear sound in real physical environments.

If all that sounded like gobbledegook to you, in other words, the panning controls for the instruments sound more “real”, and less “artificial”, than normal panning. When you move the pan knob, it sounds like the instrument is rotating around you to the sides, even curving a bit behind you at the widest settings.

Due to the unconventional method of creating the binaural panning sensation, no external plugins are needed, and automation is super smooth.

All source samples for the Subterrestrial instruments were created by noted sound designer Flintpope, known for creating and sharing a wide range of unconventional instruments.

The one drawback is that the instruments do consume a decent hunk of cpu since multiple layers need to be triggering simultaneously for smooth overlaps. It’s recommended to freeze the track after working with an instrument. This will free up all cpu used by it and you can unfreeze it later when you want to edit it again. Or, you could flatten it to use as raw audio (perhaps for slicing, experimental sound design, etc).

Enough Technical Crap. How Do They Sound?
Fair enough.
I would describe them as dense, textural, dark, and brooding. Harmonically rich leading to an exotic, otherworldly vibe. Notes are designed both to be held down for sustained ambient weaves, or also for playing staccato melodic note patterns. Deliberate manipulation of macro controls is encouraged to add morphing deformations to the soundscape.

Each instrument has 2-3 layers, which symbiotically fit together and can be separately binaural panned. Layers can be used individually or combined.

The processing chains for each instrument—and their macro controls—vary to give the instruments their own personalized character, each existing in its own dank “space”.

Each instrument rack is named after a different fantastical creature of legend which is reputed to live in deep underground caverns and corridors.

i could write a lot more, but at this point it would be more efficient to just point you towards Isotonik Studios where you can learn more and acquire the pack.

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