2 New Packs Now Available at Isotonik Sounds: “Spirit Beats” and “ADM AMBIENT”

As curator of Isotonik Sounds packs for Ableton Live, i’ve gotten the chance to preview some amazing material. It’s been a great honor to be tasked with pinpointing unique and interesting artists and nurturing their product development.    -animus invidious

A Completionist’s Dream

As you have no doubt heard about, the first sale pack for release officially via Isotonik Sounds was ADM DRUMS—the first and most extensive in the series of ten “mega”-packs slated for release among Ableton Certified Trainer AfroDJMac’s Grand Collection series.

Continuing along, the next pack (now available) is ADM AMBIENT, a self-installing pack featuring a completionist’s dream collection of instruments of the “Pad” and “Ambient & Evolving” categories—previously released by AfroDJMac at various times, collated, updated, and organized to be accessible at any time from the Sounds categories in your core library in Ableton Live 9 or 10.

ADM AMBIENT provides an expansive array of lush, soothing, dreamy, soft, pillowy, spaced-out, smooth, lulling, quixotic, and serene vibes for £29. If you’re familiar with AfroDJMac you’ll no doubt recognize that these sounds fit well with his aesthetic and can be a great asset for allowing you to add such textures to your own compositions.

Bullet points:
•120 Instruments. Holy moly, that’s a lot of instruments!
•Self-Installing Pack for Live 9+. Just drag-and-drop to install! So easy!

•Instruments appear in Ableton Live browser automatically. No file organization worries!
•High-quality Ableton Live instrument racks sourced from 16 different premium ADM packs.

Stay tuned for the next ADM pack coming out next month. What’s it gonna be…?
p.s. in case you missed it be sure to check out the episode of me on the AfroDJMac Music Production Podcast.

Zodiacal Beats

Spirit Beats by Side Brain is a tasty pack of twelve banging drum racks for Ableton Live Ten, each based on one of the astrological horoscope signs. Just like ADM AMBIENT described above, this £10 pack is self-installing, provisioning your user library with the drum racks upon drag-and-drop install.

Each of the drum racks is a 16-pad kit, with the contained hits expertly crafted, selected, pre-processed, and set up with nifty macro controls by Ableton Live Certified Trainer Yeuda Ben-Atar (aka Side Brain).

I beta-tested these kits and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE them. They’re pretty much my favorite drum racks since Bomblastic. They have a great selection of samples that all sound good together, with a punchy, in-your-face vibe, excellent for boom bap style beats but not at all boxed into a single category, with lots of ability to tweak and customize the sound to fit with various genres, from pristine dancehall techno to dirty grimy idm.

Bullet points:
•12 dope drum kit racks
•6 common + 2 unique macros per rack for juicing up the sound
•zodiacal theme for channeling the spirits of your birth essence (or something)
•For Ableton Live 10!


p.s. be sure to check out the free pk rocket droner instrument by PerforModule previously released over at Side Brain’s blog, if you haven’t yet…

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