Premium Packs

New! •DankVerb
Dystopian Reverb Impulse Responses (for any DAW).

New! •Zinglez
$1 Racks for Live 11.

High-end “always better” Racks.

BUNDLE: DynaMixing Ultimate
Tons of innovative devices for intelligent mixing.

BUNDLE: Niche Collection
Oddities, weirdos, quirky things…

BUNDLE: Clinicality Collection
A suite of technical tools for the astute engineer.

Updated for Live 11!Dephaultz
Nifty go-tos for every single Ableton effect rack.

Super Awesome Sounds
A comprehensive sampling of Animus’ favorite nostalgia keyboard, the SA-20.

One Knob Wonders
Grab that knob and twist it!

Advanced Splytterz
Split up your audio in innovative ways and place effects on different parts.

Finer control of ping pong delay.

Racks designed specifically for group and 2buss processing.

Drum Enhancerz
Enhance those drums.

Subtle tools for enhancing audio or MIDI based on natural harmonics.

Planetary Convolution
Reverbs based on planets in our solar system.

Carefully arranged and gainstaged dual combo guitar amp chains.

Groovification One
Apply grooves based on mathematical number sequences!

Groovification Two
Rhythmically chop audio using grooves!

Amplitude Operands
Perform gain operations with the finest possible resolution.

Uno Plus
The very first PerforModule sale pack: classic single knob effect Racks.

Note Range Setters
Deliberately limit instrument ranges for more realism.

Binaural Textures – Subterrestrial
Instruments based on folkloric creatures with built-in binaural panning capability.

Miscellaneous recorded percussion instruments. One more update for it yet to come!

Testful Mastering
Quality mastering using a tastily-built setup of Live’s stock effects.

Unique effect Racks designed for adding realistic touches to virtual instruments.

Brian Funk’s ADM Packs
Brian Funk’s premium goodies from the ADM era, sorted into themed packs.