PerforModule Mega Collections!


The PerforModule Pack Collections at Isotonik Studios have been restructured.

There are now 3 main collections which together comprise every one of my sale packs. These are by far your best deal ever at accumulating PerforModule goodies:

DynaMixing Ultimate

This consists of a single “mega” pack which contains a consolidated collection of ALL the racks from 6 entire previous packs: DynaMixing One through Five plus Ionic FX.
All devices from those packs are now accesible from a single browser location. Convenient!
These are tools designed for enhancing your workflow for mixing, allowing you to sculpt your sound with robust, innovative capabilities quickly. Many of them include “artificially inteilligent source reactivity” using envelope followers listening to different parts of the input signal to “automagically” modify parameters in real time.
Currently totaling 88 awesome effect racks!
Personally… i use racks from this pack all. The. Time. For mixing. So many of the tools are just the fastest and easiest way to get to a refined result i’m looking for. Down below you can check out some personal favorites and what i might use them for.

Clinicality Collection

These include packs which are of a technical nature, giving you a huge range of tools for very specific tasks. Be all scientifical about stuff!
Includes the packs:

  • Advanced Splytters
  • Amplitude Operands
  • Dephaultz
  • Groovification 1
  • Groovification 2
  • Harmonicality
  • Note Range Setters
  • Testy Mastering
  • Tranzmuterz & Electorz

Niche Collection

Here reside the fun, wacky, and creative batch of oddities providing instruments and effects for “niche” purposes, great for when you want to be spontaneous and just make stuff.
Includes the packs:

  • Bussification
  • Drum Enhancerz
  • Guitaritis
  • One Knob Wonders
  • Planetary Convolution
  • PMX FX Plus
  • PerforModucussion
  • Uno Plus Series


Update News

“Advanced Splytterz” has been given a substantial overhaul:

  • now includes: “CenterSides Splytter”, “Ridiculous Splytter”, “FreqSplytter 3-Way”, “FreqSplytter 3-Way MBD”
  • devices given unified layouts
  • it’s now more obvious where you’re supposed to drop effect chains in all splytter devices
  • frequency splytter devices have flatter neutral spectra
  • device name changes: “bell splytter” renamed to “focus splytter”, “way” splytters renamed as “freqsplytters”, “lo-hi” to “low-high”, “LeftRight” and “MidSide” changed to “L-R” and “M-S”
  • various minor fixes


“Guitaritis” New Rack

  • Taylor Tuning

I’ve been tuning my acoustic guitar with taylor tuning for a awhile, as i find it beautifully takes care of the intonation issue of chords being perfecly in tune in one position on the neck and being off-tune in other positions.
To use this rack correctly, make sure you turn “auto” on and switch the control to each string before you tune it, as each is tuned to a different target. To harmonize with A440-tuned digital instruments, i like to tune it so the attack of notes is shown a touch sharp while the sustain of a held note parks itself on the given note target.


New Pack: “performoducussion”

Custom-sampled percussion instrument sets. Each update includes a new instrument or set of instruments, each with unique macro control fucntionality to enhance their usability.
This new pack is going to keep growing with time. Once you buy it, you will have access to all future updates until it tops out at ten instrument sets.
Currently included are:

  • Tinkular Chimes
    22 different suspended chime melodic mallet instruments
  • Newton’s Percradle
    instrument and midi tempo map crafted from a newton’s cradle
  • Toy Gears
    rotating gears with rampable speed for sound design
  • BrokWurl
    2 weird wooden percussion instruments from a broken, dilapidated instrument found outside

…more on the way!


DynaMixing Ultimate New Racks

  • TiltBand EQ
  • TilBand EQ (L-R)
  • TiltBand EQ (M-S)


Gifts that Keep Giving

All of the new packs and collections are presented with a “buy it once, keep getting future updates” philosophy in mind. Looking at all the subscription options available around nowadays, i personally find myself overwhelmed by the idea of being locked into monthly payments in order to continue to use audio production tools. At the same time, nobody wants to buy and own something only to have it become obsolete or invalid later, having to then fork out more for the latest and greatest goods. I don’t really like the dichotomy between the two models.

So… i’m attempting to combine the best of the “purchase” vs “subscription” models.

This is exemplified in the performoducussion pack, as is includes a roadmap eventually giving it more than double its initial value, but the concept will apply to all packs. New effect racks or instruments will periodically be added to packs, and when that happens, if you’ve bought the pack, you get the update, including the new effect rack. This way i can also focus on maintaining my current catalog, keeping it polished, modern, bug

Buy a pack once and not only do you get the joy of immediately diving into its racks to get cracking on your own creative endeavors, but you also get the warm and comforting knowledge deep in your tummy that more cool stuff will be coming at you in the future. And you won’t have to do anything but sit there and grab it when it comes at you.

Brand new effect racks for DynaMixing Ultimate, Clinicality Collection, and Niche Collection,as well as new performoducussion instruments, are currently in the pipeline!


Favorite DynaMixing Ultimate Racks

Here’s some of my personal favorite dynamixing racks which i find myself using a lot, and why:

~Jitterator: drop one instance on each copy of a duplicated track (or stacked takes). Crank each and set tone by ear. Then drop each to <50%. “Analogifies” the takes, helping them to stand apart from each other.

~Super Distortion: when i want to add some dirt to something, but i’m not sure what type or what color. Test each distortion type, make a custom blend, fine-tune and even automate the tone.

~Adjective EQ (6Band): go-to EQ for mixing in-context by ear. It’s way too easy to get too technical when EQing, focusing on the spectrum. This allows me to EQ purely by feel which almost always leads to mix elements standing out more clearly.

~BandOff: can help highlight a certain tone in a way beyond how any amount of tone-shaping alone can. It’s a spectral bump which can also be stereo-offset, really making what it’s targeting pop out.

~Ionic Filter: when i want to low-cut out some rumble and/or harshness, but want to mostly preserve the stronger low-end thud and high-end crispness.

~Nose Cleaner: clean up background noise! Useful for home recording.

~Sophten+: definite go-to for softening top-end harshness. Each softening control has a different shape and sound, giving extremely precise fine control over the exact contour applied by mixing and matching them carefully.

~TiltBand EQs: (NEW!) i often find myself wanting to either boost or cut a certain frequency, and then tilt it more towards the bass or treble (a few EQ plugins can do this, such as Waves H-EQ and Photosounder Spline EQ). By using linked-band trickery, this gives you that functionality in ableton live natively. I use instances of them… a LOT.

~Bright Valley Compressor: Damn, it sounds good! It might even sound better than the really expensive gear it’s loosely based on. And it’s way easier to dial in. The optical circuit emulation exhibits characterful nonlinear frequency characteristics. I like it for adding refined MS mojo during mastering.

~Clippiter: Hybrid limiter / clipper. Limiter too pumpy? Clipper too gnarly? Find a happy medium.

~Analog Pressure: When something sounds dry and lame this can help to beef it up nicely.

~Devil’s Compressor: Go-to versatile compression which can work nicely for either very light, subtle compression, or for smashing the shit out of drums, without having to dial in anything but the intensity.

~Expandurator: Probably THE favorite of all the dynamixing racks. Prime go-to for “highlighting a certain frequency in a part”. I can set the focus frequency, set the lower and upper range, and enhance beautifully, injecting density to that frequency while increasing the peak level far less than an EQ bump, for example, would. After creation and testing, it was joked that instances of this effect rack could be used to mix an entire song, with no other plugins whatsoever.

~Froptical Compressor: A very unique multiband compression. The way it shelves frequencies can be used for surgical tone-shaping coupled with sexy analog vibe.

~Loudness Contour Fader: I’ve taken to using it instead of a normal volume fader to automate volume for parts. What it means is that i get more perceptible tone with less total peak congenstion, because human ears.

~Low-End Bump: Because human ears, perceptual bass frequencies will eat up more headroom than similarly-perceptible higher frequencies. This means that boosting bass is more likely to bump up against your ceiling. Low-End Bump boost the areas just above and below a focus frequency more than that frequency itself, so by setting it to match a low transient peak, it can be boosted more than usual, for warmer fatness.

~Stereo Mono: When i need to check mono compatability, listening to the “M” signal (of “M-S”) by istelf is not helpful (what “Utility” does if you reduce “width”). I want to hear what it sounds like if the L and R signals are both coming out one speaker. This rack does that.

5 thoughts on “PerforModule Mega Collections!

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  3. Hello,

    I have Live 10. When I load an Instrument Elector into a MIDI track, my plugin directory gets lost for all of my Categories.

    Is this a bug? Is Tranzmuterz and Electorz compatible with Live 10? If not, are you guys working on a new version?

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