Hi. Reporting that the new pack of Reverb Impulse Responses for any DAW, DankVerb, is now available.

It includes 150 dank, lush, and dystopian Impulse Responses suitable for post-apocalyptic sound design, recorded at 192kHz. They were crafted by carefully combining multiple reverbs together, mad scientist style.

Place elements in mysterious and foreboding physical spaces suitable for fantasy, science fiction, or horror settings.

DankVerb is a perfect companion to Ableton Live 11’s new Hybrid Reverb device. Drop in DankVerb IRs to augment Hybrid Reverb’s built-in algorithmic section. If you’re still on Live 9 or 10, on the other hand, they work great with the Max for Live Convolution Reverb device. Don’t even use Ableton Live? Need a Convolution Engine plugin? No problem. This article by Bedroom Producers Blog has got you covered with some sweet free options.


Full Version

Bolster your library with the full collection of one hundred and fifty fresh and steaming IRs!
Read more details about and acquire the full version of DankVerb at Isotonik Studios:


MPC Edition

If you want to dive in with a bit more humble of a monetary investment (understandable as pretty much everyone is strapped right now), a 1/3 sized version of the pack is available as a bonus download this month (March 2021) if you join our good buddy Brian Funk’s Music Production Club for six whole dollars. Not only that, but you’ll ALSO get the VST I Heart NY parallel compressor plugin by Baby Audio as well as a massive amount of other Ableton Live goodies, such as Brian’s Ableton Live Pack Archive i recently assisted with the curation of.
It really would be quite silly not to grab this offer, in my opinion…


That’s all for today. Don’t be jerks to each other, ok?

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