New free audio effect rack: “Eroduxion”

Eroduxion imageEroduxion

Combines the total capabilities of the Redux and Erosion effects in one device (set in parallel), with the ability to fade between them.

Next time you feel like using some Erosion and/or Redux on a track, try this effect rack instead and save yourself a sec.

Stereo Panning Trick:
~Use the Pan Controls in the rack chains to separate the erosion and redux channels, one to the left and one to the right (the same value). Then use the performodule ‘Low Centerer’ effect rack immediately after ‘Eroduxion’ in order to prevent your low-frequency content such as kick drums from getting panned outwards.

Get yourself Eroduxificated for free by clicking THIS HERE LINK.

Listen to a demo of the Eroduxion rack in action:


4 thoughts on “New free audio effect rack: “Eroduxion”

  1. Hi! The save default position trick didn’t work for me. I tried saving the rack devise to my preset folder, and I tried the contextual menu Save as Default. Knobs still default to Macro value 0

    • Hmmm, that’s odd. Did you re-open the rack from the library after you saved it? (as opposed to saving the rack and then tweaking the same instance) This is necessary for the default macro position to “set”.

      The context menu “save as default preset” is a different thing than the “Default Macro Positions”… that context menu option is for the default when you drop in a generic rack of that type from the library (i.e. clicking “save as default preset” on an audio effect rack will make that audio effect rack the one that appears any time you drag “Audio Effect Rack” onto a track; likewise, saving a phaser preset as default with the context menu, anytime you drop the generic “phaser” device in it will have those settings.

      Example: i made a new blank Audio Effect Rack called “floop”. i changed Macro 3 to “60” and saved it in the User Library. When i drop an instance of my new “floop” rack from the library into a track, move Macro 3 away from “60” and then hit “delete” it returns to “60”. The other knobs, since they were saved at settings of “0”, will return to “0” upon hitting “delete”.

      Keep in mind this only works with Audio Effect Rack, Instrument Rack, or Drum Rack presets – not with any of the individual device presets.

      Does this help?

      • It is odd! And you know what? I must have been doing something different tonight or need to save my set. Because I revisited some racks of my own, and sure enough I had saved them in various knob positions, pressed the delete key, and they snapped back just as you say. So I’ll simply be patient with them.

        BTW, I am definitely looking forward to those two paid packs of yours. It is rare to encounter a more hard-working technician/producer as you. Genuinely Remarkable. The magic gate just for example is truly a fine piece of craftsmanship.

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