Dephaultz Pack Updated for Live 10.1

Heya. Just letting you know that the PerforModule Dephaultz pack for Ableton Live has been updated to incorporate Live 10.1’s new features.
If you have previously bought the pack at Isotonik Studios, you will have already received an email about the update. If you haven’t purchased the pack yet, you can grab it secure in the knowledge that you’ll retain access to all future updates. Live 9 user? No problem. If you plan to upgrade to Live 10 later on, you can at any point download and upgrade your pack to the Live 10 version. Sweet, huh?

I think of my products like cherished children, and find it prudent to periodically dust them off and keep them freshly relevant. Since i put so much energy into cultivating them in the first place, it would feel weird to abandon them completely in favor of a continual stream of “hotter, newer” throwaway stuff which i pump out and then never think about again. That’s just my personal strategy, based on my personality. Brand-new products definitely seem to hold some sort of extra appeal for people compared to older existing ones, but i have found in my life that retaining and maintaining vetted quality equipment, despite how recently it was released, is a much more fruitful (and economical) strategy than constantly hunting for whatever is the most trendy at any given moment. Quality stuff stays good forever, and can be used repeatedly into the foreseeable future. That’s how i try to craft my Ableton packs—so that they will continue to be theoretically useful to producers, designers, and engineers hundreds of years from now. Of course, i’ll be dead by then, so someone else will have to take over with the device development and updates. Unless they save my brain in a jar, hooked up to a computer. You never know.

Dephaultz is a pack designed to provide go-to “starting point” presets for every single native effect in Ableton Live Suite. The idea is, instead of loading an effect, you load one of its dephault racks, providing you with neutral-as-possible gainstaging and useful macro controls to grab and tweak, as well as device and parameter info on mouse hover for instant reference. Special functions of devices have their own dedicated racks (for example, Echo’s noise gen or reverb capabilities). Reviewing the dephault racks by using them in projects can be an excellent way to learn the ins-and-outs of your Ableton Live effects in-depth so that they become close and trusted allies in your continual audiocraft questing.

Pick Up “Dephaultz” for Ableton Live Here!
Only £8.99 !

Dephaultz 10.1 Changelog

16 New Racks:

•Channel EQ – Dephault
•EQ Eight – Logarithmic Dephault
•Envelope Follower – Dephault
•Gate – High Focus
•Gate – Low Focus
•LFO – Random Dephault
•LFO – Sawtooth Down Dephault
•LFO – Sawtooth Up Dephault
•LFO – Sine Dephault
•LFO – Square Dephault
•LFO – Triangle Dephault
•Shaper – Dephault
•Utility – Left Dephault
•Utility – Right Dephault
•Utility – Stereo Dephault
•Utility – Stereo Swap Dephault

‘Utility – Dephault’ renamed to ‘Utility – Legacy Dephault’.
‘Gate – Focus’ renamed to ‘Gate – Mid Focus’.


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