All PerforModule Sale Packs Updated for Live 10 (+ Final Live 9 Versions)

You can read the headline. That’s what’s up. If you buy a pack, you will have access to whichever version you need. If you own Live 9 now and later update to Live 10, you’ll be able to automatically install the update at any time just by dragging it into Live.

->Read about the final PerforModule pack updates at Isotonik Studios<-

Also, read on if you’re interested in the sale on “Guitaritis”…

PerforModule – Guitaritis – £25.99 / £19.50 – July 2018

via isotonik studios:
“Animus from PerforModule puts in the hard work so you don’t have to. The curator of our forthcoming Isotonik Sounds Store has gathered together and updated for Live 10 a whole host of Live racks expertly tuned for use with a guitar!”

The main idea behind Guitaritis was to expand the amount of amp models available by combining every possible set of two ableton amps into dual “combamps”, as well as to optimize them for quicker execution. Each “combamp” rack is set up to feel like an analog guitar rig setup, with customized tube preamps preconditioning the signal to help add more ability to finely tweak the distortion character, and including insert slots to place a range of “stomper” pedal effects (custom racks lovingly based on various guitar pedal topologies). The racks are gainstaged carefully at multiple points using integrated LUFS assessment of pink noise, so that you can feel free to tweak the settings with the perceptual output varying as little as possible. Less time spent adjusting levels after dialing in your grit and tone! The dual amps can be run in mono (blending them together as a single tone), or can be split to result in varying amounts of stereo width. To fully flesh out the collection, there are also single and triple combamp racks. At periodic points along the crafting process each rack was live-tested with various electric guitars to ensure a natural, human feel. These are useful both for in-studio production as well as live performance (for example, playing a gig through a PA system without a physical guitar amp on hand).

Whenever i want to jam with my guitar direct in to my hi-z input, or re-amp a recorded DI guitar lick, the Guitaritis racks are my immediate go-to, every time.

Guitaritis was recently updated for Live 10 with some brand new racks. Groovy! If you buy the pack, you’ll have access to the final Live 9 or the newly updated Live 10 version. If you have Live 9 and later upgrade to Live 10, you can download and install the new version at any time.

Click the words at the top or the image below to magically teleport to the isotonik studios webstore from whence one might learn more and procure the necessary alchemical components.

Need a taste test? Well, ok. Click Here to grab “Combamp Heavy Boost” for free (Live 9+).


Purchasing retail packs really, really, really helps me, and i really, really, really appreciate it. I wholeheartedly thank everyone who has purchased something i crafted, whether it be a small single pack or a full mega collection. The support truly means a lot, so i urge you to feel good about what you’ve done. Also, i hope that you enjoy the shit out of all the nifty tools and make a bunch of cool music.

p.s. if you like guitars, you may want to check out the free guitar stringonator by performodule.

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