Free Racks for Kush & Sly-Fi VSTs

Now available: Free “Default Template Racks” in the PerforModule style for all of the Kush Audio and Sly-Fi Digital plugins by UBK.

ubk happy suntime.jpg

If you haven’t yet heard the Happy Funtime Hour podcast by UBK, UBK and Nathan shDanieler, you’re really missing out. It’s a continually entertaining wealth of utterly valuable music production, relationship, and kitten-rearing advice dripping with intruiguing tips and searing perceptual trips. I have been listening since the single episode digits and look forward to the insights and hilarity every week.

As far as the gear nerdery about Kush and Sly-Fi plugins… these are not run-of-the-mill, generic tools for banal stock processing, but rather boutique, elegant flavour machines for injecting nuanced character. They tend to have unique saturation and filtering, with gainstaging reminiscent of analog workflows. I especially recommend the “transformer” plugins for electric guitar. Just naughty.

These racks for Ableton Live 9+ will only work if you have the relevant plugin installed on your system. That’s right: the racks are free, the plugins are not. Your options? Demo Kush or Sly-Fi plugins. Subscribe to Kush or Sly-Fi plugins. Buy Kush or Sly-Fi plugins.

Just load a rack corresponding to a licensed Kush or Sly-Fi VST and it will open with controls pre-mapped to the ableton rack macros. That’s where the nifty part comes in, because it makes it super easy to grab the knobs and start twisting them using The Blue Hand (Automapping).

Includes 31 Racks…
Since some of the plugins have more than 8 total parameters, there are multiple versions of them, each meant for quickly applying a specific feature (examples: the punish mode of novatron, the sides channel of clariphonic, axis’ saturator). Not being able to manipulate more parameters is the main limitation of the racks, but sometimes limitations can be more creatively freeing.
Why use ableton racks loading VSTs instead of just using the VSTs? You might not want to, but on the other hand there might be several reasons why you might…

•Easy integration / organization into your Ableton User Library among other presets.

•Instant parameter control with Automap MIDI Controllers.

•Default output level states gain-matched to be within 0.1LU of most input sources.

•More convenient manipulation of parameters while plugin GUIs aren’t visible.

•Hotswappable with other Ableton Live Racks for auditioning other processing chains.

•Easier to understand and apply possibly confusing processes.



Included in the free download is the 0.9 beta version of the “Fun HappyTime” effect racks for Ableton Live by PerforModule, a series of brand-new, custom effect racks inspired by concepts discussed on the UBK Happy Funtime Hour.
Five are included now; more are planned. Enjoy!

•”Everybody’s Doing It
A smooth 3dB of mud reduction @ 300Hz. You know you want to.

•”Happy Funtime EQ Preset 0.9
An M-S EQ contour preset for “EQ Eight” which shapes the entire frequency range in a way to emulate the average contouring of the first hundred or so episodes of the Happy Funtime Hour. Use the “scale” parameter to boost, roll back, invert or automate the intensity. Place it on a vocal track or a warm, vintage instrument and see if you like it. Chances are, you will. 

•”Mirror EQ“, “Mirror EQ (L-R)“, “Mirror EQ (M-S)
The Mirror EQ Rack allows you to boost or cut a chosen frequency; it simultaneously does the opposite to a “mirror” frequency (with 1k as the rotational axis). For example, if you were to boost @ 500Hz, it would cut @ 2kHz. You can also switch to a “mimic” mode which will boost or cut both frequencies. The L-R and M-S versions allow independent control of the stereo channels.



password: fun


How To Install?
Unzip the file, then simply drag the included presets wherever you’d like to save them in your user library. Alternately, you could load up a rack onto a track in Ableton, then click the “save” icon. It is recommended to Organize Them Like a Boss.

RELATED: For a shit-ton of VST racks for free VST plugins, please check out this PerforModule post.


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