Guitaritis & Dephaultz ~ Pack Updates

Updates were just sent out to current owners of Guitaritis (suite of combination amp racks and stomper pedal effects) and Dephaultz (go-to racks for every ableton live effect type).
If you buy the packs, you’ll get the new goodies too (as well as future updates).
I try to treat you well…

Updates are on the way for ALL PerforModule sale packs.
Each is being given its final Live 9 iteration, and many are being upgraded to incorporate new features of Live 10. We’re going to be rolling them out to coincide with other isotonik studios releases.

Here’s the down-low on the Guitaritis and Dephaultz updates…

Dephaultz for Live 9.7.5
All 100 racks re-tested, gain-staging even further refined, and various minor fixes applied.

echo noise gen.PNG
Dephaultz for Live 10
Includes the 100 racks for Live 9 plus 15 new racks covering functionality of the Drum Buss, Echo, and Pedal devices, as well as 3 new EQ racks, one making use of the expanded low range down to 10Hz of EQ Eight.

A few of the devices beg a little bit of explanation. The “Drum Comps” are set up to be able to use Drum Buss’ compression with more careful application rather than just an “off/on” setting, allowing you to determine how far to squish. The “Noise Gen” and “Reverb” racks for the Echo device are both focused on non-delay effects, specifically utilizing the limitation of 8 macros.
drum comp med.PNG
Drum Buss – Hard Dephault
Drum Buss – Medium Dephault
Drum Buss – Soft Dephault
Drum Comp – Hard Dephault
Drum Comp – Medium Dephault
Drum Comp – Soft Dephault

Echo – Filter Dephault
Echo – Humanizer Dephault
Echo – Noise Gen Dephault
Echo – Reverb Dephault
Echo – Rhythmic Dephault
Echo – Wahbble Dephault

Pedal – Distort Dephault
Pedal – Fuzz Dephault
Pedal – Overdrive Dephault

EQ Eight – High Focus Dephault
EQ Eight – Low Focus Dephault
EQ Eight – Mid Focus Dephault

Guitaritis for Live 10

Includes 8 new “stomper” racks using the functionality of Live 10’s new Pedal, Echo, and Drum Buss effects. In addition, all of the combamp and stomper racks have been gone over, re-tested and re-calibrated with various signal flow and interface optimizations, for even more consistent levels when tweaking parameters.

Stomper Fuzzer
Stomper Muncher
Stomper Scruncher
Stomper O’Dirt
Stomper Stortion
Stomper C-Delay
Stomper D-Delay
Stomper T-Delay


∙PerforModule packs will install into your library automatically, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting where you placed them. Effect Racks appear in browser categories for easy access.

∙Updated packs will overwrite old pack versions automatically.

∙Updating a pack will never ruin project compatibility, as existing projects will load containing the original devices they were saved with.

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