“DynaMixing One”

DynaMixing One? What the heck?
The DynaMixing series each contain Ableton audio effect racks which are specifically designed to give useful tools for the purpose of audio mixing. At isotonik studios you can already pick up DynaMixing Three and DynaMixing Four.

The newest is DynaMixing One.

The original “DynaMixing” pack was one of the first offerings here at performodule.com and is now in legacy status. The main theme of it is “Ease of Use.” These effect racks are designed to get to your end goal faster, without having to muck about with tons of parameters.

Well, we’ve updated and spruced up those devices as well as added a new suite of channel strips based on the colours of the visual spectrum. This pack is a great for diving into a mixing project without spending hours fiddling around.

DynaMixing One Contents

Updated OG Devices
EQ 8 ToneExplorer & EQ ToneExplorer MS
Handy racks with which you can use the Push2 (or any midi controller with 8 knobs) to explore a boost or cut frequency while fine-tuning low and high cuts and enhancing mud and sparkle. Useful if you want to EQ something without using your mouse, or without screwing around with a zillion parameters. The MS version is built with pre-calibrated differentiation between the center and side channels, for a tasty width enhancement.

Nifty EQ
Designed for live situations, this will allow you to immediately  sculpt the overall tone of a full mix to better suit a venue’s acoustics and optimize listeners’ clarity. It has a home on my master buss when DJing live or when doing sound for a band, and proves invaluable.

Brainless Hybrid Compressor
Implement compression instantly and easily with only two parameters. Use it to decide subjectively which compression type to use (digital or analog) or blend between the two.

Implement VCA-style digital compression with only one knob. Just dial in the sweet spot!

Implement API-style analog compression with only one knob. Just dial in the sweet spot!

“Pull audio apart” for a wider crest value. Enhance the natural dynamics of your low, mid, and high frequencies (rather than squashing them), reducing density.

A volume fader which concentrates more resolution in the quieter range for smoother fades to and from silence. Use it for fade-outs or fade-ins.

Implement gating with only one knob. Dial that sublte spot in to remove unnecessary background noise in the cracks between transients.

Similar to its cousins SidePump and SideHump, this implements sidechaining with its own unique character. Don’t forget to set the sidechain source!

The opposite of dynamify, this Squashes lows, mids and highs with 8 parameters, adding density to what you want, carefully yet quickly.

One-knob squisher, reducing crest range and adding density with a single knob (you know what spot to dial in. Yeah, the sweet one).

Brand New Channel Stripes
Channel Stripe – Blue
•Channel Stripe – Green
Stripe – Indigo
Channel Stripe – Orange
Channel Stripe – Red
Channel Stripe – Violet
Channel Stripe – Yellow

Each Channel Stripe has its own assortment of contents, each designed to provide certain basic features but each with their own distinct, unique character and vibe. By placing different Channel Stripes onto different instrument tracks, they will each have their own “colour”, helping them to stand out with individual highlights, leading to a more cohesive overall mix. Each Channel Stripe includes the modules:

So for example, the Blue channel stripe will be using a different method to provide de-noising and preamplification than the green channel strip does. Et cetera…

System Requirements: Ableton Live 9 Suite (MaxforLive not necessary for this one)



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