Splytterz – Free multichannel audio splitting devices for Ableton Live 9

Splytterz Icon

Introducing the PerforModule Splytterz: A few extremely useful devices to peel apart the layers.

Do you ever want to add a certain audio effect to just the Lows, Mids, or Highs of a sound file? Perhaps you want to provide different delay and distortion for the center, the left, and on the right side of a stereo audio source. Or maybe you want to extract and alter the panning of the difference between the left and right, while filtering the center. These devices give you a few different ways to easily accomplish such tasks.
Make your own crazy multi-band effects!


Lo-Mid-Hi Splytter: This splits your audio into 3 chains by frequency. Drop different fx onto the lows, mids or highs. It gets used lots.

Dynamic Splytter: This splits your audio into 3 chains like the “Lo-Mid-hi” Splytter, but with multiband compression and downward expansion enabled. Use this if you want to drop different fx onto the lows, mids or highs, with built-in adjustable compression and smooth noise reduction to sculpt the character.

[UPDATE 2014: “L-R Splytter” and “CenterSides Splytter” have been retired in favor of the new LRMS Spyltter. Get that by clicking this text.]

Ridiculous Splytter: This device splits the audio into Lows, Mids, and Highs. Then it splits each of those chains into Center, Sides (summed) and Left and Right Sides.  This results in 15 possible chains to filter fx via (thus: ridiculous). So if you want to, say, add a delay to only the right side of the middle frequency range band while adding a different delay to the left portion of the high frequency range band, this is your ticket.

Hear the CenterSides Splytter messing with a simple percussion loop:


Performodule Fx

Have a side-splytting good time everyone! =D
For more advanced capabilities, be sure to check out the “Advanced Splytterz” PerforModule Pack at Isotonik Studios.


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